My Start-up Journey Begins Amid The Pandemic

Last Friday, I posted the following status in my linkedin page:

Today I wrapped up my last day at Amazon Robotics. It was a relatively short tenure — only a little over one year. But it was a blast! I learned so much (on the massive business, on the one-of-a-kind Amazon culture, and of course on the leading edge technologies). I met so many talented and amazing engineers and leaders. And I made my contributions :-)

One of my exit interview questions asked “would you recommend Amazon to your friends”. I answered “absolutely 100%”. My fellow engineers, join Amazon and you would not regret it!!

It is always sad to say good-bye. I will miss all of my team members and colleagues! Thank you for your support, dedication, and inspiration! I will continue to cheer for all of you! And stay in touch!

On Monday, I am moving on to launch my own start-up with a friend. Of course, I am a little nervous. But, I am also very excited; I am looking forward to: learn more, make a positive impact to people and society around me, and at the same time, have fun! (And write some software again! :-)

Since then, I have received many encouragements and cheers from fellow engineers, friends or well-wishers. One of them said beautifully:

I don’t know you but, all the best to you! During this pandemic, this probably is the first post I have seen, where someone has voluntarily left from a company like Amazon, to realize their dreams. This shows that life goes on, no matter what! This is something that is very positive in its own unique way.

What now? Since yesterday, I have officially started in my new journey, and I am living my dream. Yes, going back to hands-on writing software is not always easy (after many years of focusing on management). But the important thing is that I am learning and I am having fun. And I am hopeful that our new venture will bring positive social impact. I will update everyone about the mission of our company in the coming months. Please stay tuned.

At the same time, it had always been my passion to not only learn but also to share what I have learned. So here’s my plan to share here what I learned throughout my startup journey, on technologies, on career development, on business development, and much more.

Here’s a toast to “life goes on, no matter what!”. We will come out of this pandemic stronger than ever and more connected.

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beginning a new journey by launching my own startup in the middle of the pandemic. I am passionate about sharing my learning.

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