More than 20 years ago, carrying two suitcases, I landed in USA to attend graduate school.

The second day, walking along side walk of a major street, a car stopped next to me, and someone shouted to me, “go back to your home”. I chuckled “but I just got here”…

The first final exam, sitting in the class room, the professor of that class pointed to two of my fellow classmates, “you, sit in this corner, and you, sit in that corner, Chinese students are good at cheating, you guys need to sit far apart”. …

Back in may, I have announced in this article about leaving my amazon corporate job to launch a start-up, Ohanga, with my cofounder Subham Sett in the middle of a pandemic. I left with the anticipation to “learn more, make a positive impact to people and society around me, and at the same time, have fun! (And write some software again! :-)”.

I was excited but also slightly nervous. For 17+ years, I worked in the High Tech corporate world. That was my comfort zone; stepping out of that was scary. But the pandemic and my working-from-home privilege gave me…

Yesterday was my 40th birthday. I have been an engineer and engineering manager for the last 17+ years. I worked for high tech companies such as Amazon. Two months ago, I launched a startup headquartered in Rhode Island. For all the past 40 years, I was developing my left brain power. As to the other half, there was almost none. Since my childhood, I could barely sketch a cube with the right perspectives and shadows to make it 3D-looking (of course, if I am allowed to use a ruler with precise measurement, that’s a different story :)…

Yuping (co-founder of Ohanga), homework folder for art classes
Yuping (co-founder of Ohanga), homework folder for art classes
My art folder

My new non day-job: taking art classes

Long story…

You don’t need one of those expensive Virtual Reality (VR) headsets to learn how to write “Augmented Reality” (AR) programs. All you need is a mobile device that has a built-in camera and a few built-in sensors. And most of the smart phones today (iphone, android phones, etc.) are equipped to handle the basic AR.

In this post, I will share a quick summary of how I started to learn AR and I am still very early in the journey. So a disclaimer first, some of the conclusions and comparison among different AR frameworks might not be correct! …

College students and new graduates often ask me similar questions “how do I make my resume stand out so I can land an interview and get my first job?”.

I had been a long-time hiring manager for software development positions with the latest at Amazon. I would like to share some thoughts that might be helpful to the graduating class 2020 as well as other students who are impacted by this pandemic. If you are seasoned engineers but looking for a change, some of these might still be applicable.

1. Accumulate Early

There are certainly ways to make your resume more eye-catching. That…

Amazon Web Service (AWS) is the Amazon’s version of on-demand cloud platform and APIs. Amazon EC2 is one of the most popular cloud computing services through dynamic provisioning of virtual servers. But there’re other AWS services, in fact, hundreds of them covering analytics, ML, AR, VR, networking, database, security, and hosting, etc.

When you are just starting the Cloud journey with AWS, it can be overwhelming. Where could you start?


One of the starting point that I found useful is to follow this step-by-step Amazon Example “Build a Serverless Web Application”. In fact, I had included this as one of…

“Mommy!! I am bored!”

“Mommy!! can I watch some more videos?”

“No, this is mine!! I don’t want you to play with my car!!”

I have a 2-year old and a 5-year old who had been home since March when their day-care was temporarily closed as a precautionary measure. And since then, these were the words repeated constantly in high pitch voices in our house. The rule of “no more than 1 hour screen time each day” has turned into “lower the volume when you watch videos”.

Last night, my 5-year old was watching “Paw Patrol” from his tablet. I…

Last week, I focused on developing and deploying the front (see here). This week, I started to work on the back-end web services. We all have our own unique way of diving into and learning new things. For me, when it comes to learning software, I find myself heavily rely on the ability to step through the codes in the debugger.

Of course in order to debug web services, you also need a “client” to call your web services. To achieve that, you can either develop dedicated front end applications that calls your web services. Or you can use tools…

In an earlier post , I have documented the steps to host your node application with https using AWS EC2 and AWS CloudFront. For some of us who just want a quick experiment, those steps might appear a little tedious. Fortunately, there’re other options. In this post, I will talk about two of them: Netlify and AWS Codestar. Thanks to one of the team members that pointed me to Netlify!


Using deployment of a React application as an example, it took me less than 5 minutes with a few commands (you can also do this on the netlify user interface…

On May 18th 2020, I launched a start-up with a friend after quitting Amazon two days before. We have a company mission to create a positive impact to the local society, especially amid this difficult pandemic.

Personally, I also have the goal of going back to doing hands-on coding. The last 9 years of my 17 year professional life had been focused on management. I certainly learned a lot. I had helped many engineers and leaders develop their career. I had lead small and big teams to create many products.

And I had made a lot of slides! So now…

Yuping Wang

beginning a new journey by launching my own startup in the middle of the pandemic. I am passionate about sharing my learning.

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