5 months in our startup journey, OHANGA is live!

Back in may, I have announced in this article about leaving my amazon corporate job to launch a start-up, Ohanga, with my cofounder Subham Sett in the middle of a pandemic. I left with the anticipation to “learn more, make a positive impact to people and society around me, and at the same time, have fun! (And write some software again! :-)”.

I was excited but also slightly nervous. For 17+ years, I worked in the High Tech corporate world. That was my comfort zone; stepping out of that was scary. But the pandemic and my working-from-home privilege gave me some time to look around me and I saw how much our local businesses especially the art community were impacted. I started wondering if there was anything I could do to help. You can hear our origin story here: https://www.ohanga.com/kaupapa-podcasts/origin-story

Last 5 months was a blast. I learned A LOT and had more fun than what I could have hoped for. And I wrote some code (yeah!). You can find some of my technical articles here like this one on Augmented Reality.

Today is a very emotional day for me. Today, our platform OHANGA is live www.ohanga.com

In the last 5 months, the Ohanga team has come together to create a platform to celebrate creatives. I am so proud to be working with every one of our founding team as well as our artists. I learned so much from them and I am inspired by their creativity, passion as well as hardworking every single day. For a sneak peek of my AMAZING coworkers, check out our team page: https://www.ohanga.com/our-team.

I am going to shamelessly ask you to support our Ohanga creatives, the artists who are represented on Ohanga. If you have a few seconds, please click and explore our site. If you have a few more, please share it to your network. And further, this holiday season, please consider supporting hard-hit art communities by giving the gift of art with our lovely Ohanga Gift Boxes, products sourced by RI artists: https://www.ohanga.com/gift-subscription-box. You can checkout their stories at https://www.ohanga.com/blogs.

We will continue to learn and continue to improve. We will work hard to achieve our mission:

Thank you for your support. I will continue to keep you all updated about this startup journey.

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beginning a new journey by launching my own startup in the middle of the pandemic. I am passionate about sharing my learning. www.linkedin.com/in/yupingwyp

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